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Tips For Protecting Your Outdoor A/C Condenser

The outdoor condensing unit which sits outside, has 24/7 exposure to the elements, making it the most vulnerable part of the A/C system. Following is a list of Tips to Keep the condenser protected.

-Keeping any/all landscaping trimmed is a huge part of keeping constant airflow around the unit. Any airflow blockage around the condensing unit will lead to strain on system which leads to a shorter lifespan, not to mention decreased system efficiency. So keeping any bushes trimmed around the unit and leaving plenty of space between the bushes and the unit is a good start. Also, keep the area within at least 2 feet around the condenser Clear of storing anything that could potentially block air flowing around it.

-Another problem we see in the field is the copper lines and the exposed low volt cable being damaged by mowing equipment and weed eaters. This leads to many problems. One major problem is the copper lines being punctured and leaking refrigerant. If refrigerant is leaked, your unit will not be able to keep your home the desired temperature. A service call will be needed to locate the problem, repair the damaged line, and add refrigerant which can be very costly.

-One way to prevent damage from mowing and weed eating is to place decorative landscaping stones around the unit to keep mowers and weed eaters from getting near the system.

-Keeping a 2 foot area clear around your unit, not only helps your unit breath it allows sufficient space for a service tech to be able to investigate and maintain the unit.

For more tips on keeping your outside unit system safe, reach out to DreamWorks Air Conditioning. We can evaluate your system and give you personalized tips while doing a preventative maintenance on your entire unit, inside and out.

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