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The Benefits of an APCO-X Whole Home Air Purifying System

Did you know that the EPA states that indoor air is often 5X's more polluted than the air outdoors? The air filter in your central air system only traps one type of the 3 types of pollutants in your home. The air filter only traps particulates, which can include dust, dirt, soot, and smoke. However, it does NOT trap biological contaminates which include mold, bacteria, viruses, or chemical contaminates with include odors from pets, dirty laundry, smoking, cooking, and odors form building material, which some can be toxic.

The APCO-X fresh air system UV light kills germs. Such as mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens by destroying their DNA which stops them from reproducing. Then at the same time, the carbon cells in the APCO-X Fresh air system traps and neutralizes the odor causing VOC's when they are exposed to the UV lights. The carbon cells and the one of two UV lights of the system are installed in your A/C system duct work, and because the APCO-X is being installed in your system, it works continuously to purify all the air in your home.

The APCO-X is virtually maintenance free, bulbs need to be replaced every 3 years and there is a lifetime warranty on the ever carbon cells (when product is registered). Ever carbon cells

are self cleaning which is what traps and neutralizes odor causing VOC's when it is energized by the UV light bulbs.

The APCO-X UV bulbs also keep the drain pan and evaporator coil in you system disinfected.

DreamWorks Air Conditioning is a professional installer of the APCO- X whole house Air Purifying system. Call us today to schedule an appointment to install the APCO-X whole house air purifying system in your home. So, your family can have the healthiest indoor air available. Your family deserves it!

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