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Guy servicing a HVAC unit

All About the HVAC

For any of your Air Conditioning and Heating needs, we have you covered. Our professional staff is extremely dedicated to fixing your HVAC needs in a timely manner. Dreamworks Air Conditioning offers repair services, new installations, replacements and preventive maintenance for a wide variety of air conditioning systems. We are fully licensed and insured with the best technicians in the field.

Our Areas of Focus belong to:

> HVAC Repairs <

> HVAC Installations <

> HVAC Maintenance <

We work with Residential & Commercial Properties

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Providing Over 39 Years of Experience and 24 Hour Services to the Treasure Coast & Palm Beaches

Palm Trees

"We have been doing business with Dreamworks for years and have always found them to be honest and reliable with all their services. Jeff is super professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!"

- Monterey Motor Cars

5 Star Google Review

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24/7 HVAC Service AC Repairs

Living in South Florida, you would think that there would never be a need for heat, especially with our average temperature hovering in the mid-80s year-round!


Yet, there are many evenings/early mornings during the winter months where we turn on the heat to get the “chill” out of the house.

There is nothing worse than feeling cold and not being able to warm-up because the furnace/heater is on the fritz. No matter the time of day, DreamWorks is available. We know that systems are not on a 9 to 5 schedule, and because of this, we are on call 24/7 to address any issues you may be having with your unit.


We are also known around town as “comfort specialists” and can evaluate your home’s heating requirements and recommend the best system for your money in the same service visit!

Looking for a quote? Give us a call. We are more than happen to help you find what system you need amongst the name brands. 

Danny installing a new AC unit.
Danny, Walter, and Jeff pose with their 3 trucks, respectively.

Whether it’s air-conditioning repairs or system installation, DreamWorks Air Conditioning has you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our specialists have over 39 years of combined experience in HVAC and can keep your home cool.

We have long-standing relationships with different HVAC distributors and we work together with them to provide you with the system that fits your needs and budget.

Dreamworks Air Conditioning understands the importance of keeping you and your loved ones comfortable during the hotter months of the year. Not having a working A/C can make the summer less than pleasant which is why we provide emergency services any time of the day!

Common problems that we see:

  • Wear and tear from extreme heat

  • Outdoor fan and motor compressor troubles

  • Loss of cooling

  • Excessive noise

HVAC Repairs
Man reaching into a mini-split unit to clean filters
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Jeff and Danny bringing down a ladder from their van

HVAC Installations

You will find DreamWorks Air Conditioning in many multi-family and multi-unit communities along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches. 


Our HVAC systems and ductwork in these buildings feeds thousands of square feet. It must be adequately sealed and in good working condition. Properly installed ductwork leads to less noise, improved efficiency, comfort, and longevity.

We provide Preventative Maintenance Agreements with every new system installation. Our industry knowledge, experience, and maintenance services are at your disposal for your HVAC system, including discounts on parts during repairs. We build lasting relationships with our clients; let us create one with you.

We offer this installations to single-family residences, multi-unit and multi-family dwellings, new construction, and commercial buildings.

HVAC Installations
Sandy Beach

Yearly Preventative Maintenance Plans Available


The DreamWorks AC Preventative Maintenance Agreement is the BEST way to keep your system operating efficiently and preventing serious issues.


Our Agreement provides you with Preferred Customer Status and a 20% Discount on all Part Repairs.

Have multiple systems? We offer discounts!

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Palm Trees

"DreamWorks air conditioning!!! 

Owner Jeff was absolutely fabulous. The words I can use is caring, knowledgeable, and integrity!!! 

Thank you Jeff and your crew for helping me out with my air conditioner. 

My AC is in the attic, and it’s usually a pain to service it or fix, he bought several people with him. They inspected thoroughly! Left no stone unturned, and did not fix what was not broke!"

- Iris Walters, Real Estate Consultant at Keller Williams

Facebook Review

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Hand hovering over an air conditioning unit

HVAC Maintenance

Routine maintenance on any system is a must-have. Having a Maintenance Agreement in place alleviates the worry when a problem arises and is actually proactive in ensuring that any issues end up being a minimal inconvenience!

When your system is covered by a DreamWorks HVAC Maintenance Agreement, you can be assured that your system will be kept efficient and operational year round.


The most costly callbacks that we receive are due to water leaks. We can easily identify and prevent them with regular servicing when we flush drain lines.


In order to avoid service calls, catch it before it gets bad. For example, if we see a capacitor going weak, we know that the unit will go in the middle of the summer. We would advise the homeowner that this capacitor be replaced, since it acts like a car battery and starts the compressor and fan. If it’s weak, it’ll work for now, but we know once it gets to 95 degrees outside, it will no longer work and you will be sitting in the heat. That usually happens on a Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock! You’ll end up paying for an overtime service call. With our Preventative Maintenance Agreement, you can decide to take care of that at a more convenient time before it goes out and get our 20% discount for the parts (better discount than our competitors)!

Duct work in a commercial warehouse
Jeff Eisenberger, owner of DreamWorks Air Conditioning, smiling

We offer a variety of maintenance plans to fit your schedule and budget. We offer Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annually.

Have multiple systems at the same location? We will provide a discount!

We custom cut Filter Media to perfectly fit your system! We typically include the 6 month filter for our semi-annual check up and an additional 5 filters for the 5 months in-between. (Ask about special filters & alternatives)

The high quality filter media, drive belts, algaecide, grease, and oil will be provided as part of the agreement.

You will also enjoy a 20% discount on all service repair parts as well as receive our Preferred Customer Status.

 Duct Cleaning 

Lots of microscopic critters are living in your air duct system. These critters make their way down into your living and working area, causing a host of issues from the common cold to a hospital stay.


Let us get rid of these pests with a whole-house or workplace duct cleaning, eliminating bacteria and other germs from the air which will aid in improved health.

Benefits of an efficient, maintained system:

  • Extended equipment life

  • Lower utility bills

  • Healthier home/work environment

HVAC Maintenance
Duct Cleaning
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Have Your Unit Serviced

We offer 24/7 Emergency Service!

Being there for you is our priority.

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Need Multiple Systems for Commercial Units?

Ask us about commercial and/or multi-unit pricing.

Also, take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Deal on new systems!

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Maintenance Plans!

We offer Semi-Annual, Quarterly, & Bi-Monthly options. Additional discounts included.

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